Paint Color Matching In Kings Park

Kings Park Hardware specializes in serving quality paint color matching services in Long Island. We have matched thousands of hues for customers ranging from homes to businesses, which guarantee that we have your desired paint color on our store.

We have a database of  thousands of previously matched colors, but for customers who have a unique color, or a material that needs to be converted into the perfect paint color, we have the latest technology to match it in no time. 

Quality paint color matching service is available just a few blocks into the heart of Kings Park.  Skip the long lines and enthusiastic staff at the big box stores and get what you need with a smile. We are a community-oriented company, owned and operated by Kings Park residents and likely some of us are your neighbors too! We strongly believe in serving our neighbors in any manner that we can, big or small. We make sure we take an extra mile to provide you professional and reliable home and hardware solutions.

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Quality Paint Color Matching Service Near Me

Got a color in mind that you want to put on your walls? We’re just right around your corner! You can find Kings Park Hardware on the corner of Meadow Rd and Indian Head Rd, just off of Church St and E Main St. We are open from 7am-6pm six days a week, and from 8am-5pm on Sunday. Our paint color matching service is available everyday of the week, at your convenience.

Why You Can Rely on our Paint Matching Service

Accurate Color Matching

Our paint experts have color-matched almost everything under the sun. With that, we are confident our database of colors can match your desired paint.

Technical Expertise

At Kings Park Hardware, we have the latest color-matching technology to fit your chosen aesthetic. We will be using a heat register to match a wall paint color; a fabric swatch; or a downspout to suit the color of a house. For custom colors, we would start by using a spectrophotometer to come up with a paint formula that matches your expectations.

Quick Results

Bring your color ideas and samples at Kings Park Hardware and we’ll have your ideal paint ready in no time! Though custom color matching may take a day or more so expect to leave your samples with us until your paint color is complete.

How Does our Paint Color Matching Service Work?

You may visit us here at Kings Park Hardware and hand out your paint sample to our color experts or fill out our forms here on our website. We will be asking for your contact information and the best time for us to call. Our friendly customer service will be happy to assist you every step of the way.

Once we get your sample, one of our Custom Color Matching experts will contact you to assist you in placing your purchase. Though the time necessary for each match depends on its difficulty. Most matches are finished within two weeks, and after every successful match is formed, orders are delivered in one to three days

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